Training in Florence

Are you a student in Florence? Are you in Florence for work? 

Whatever is the reason of your stay, if you want to stay in shape or just make sure that in Florence you'll get leaner, stronger and more confident you belong here.

I can confidently say you'll see in me a huge passion for helping people and making them proud of their body and abilities. All that matters to me is seeing my clients happy and satisfied of their results, confident of how much putting in the work actually pays off.

My approach is evidence-based, I constantly stay up-to-date, keeping an eye on what's new in the US in terms of reasearch in the sport field and in the fitness sector in general.  

I love working with people from other countries, I love speaking languages, learning from you and showing you our culture, as Interculture and Languages are my other passions and vocations.

If you want to work with me you won't regret it, I want it to be the best experience of your (training) life!

I always start every collaboration with a functional and postural assessment which is included in the package, together with an interview to get to know a bit of your personal history and background. After that we'll head on to reach your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Just give me your goals and you'll have in me the best partner you need for your journey!

Text me on Whatsapp at +39 328 22 61 859 and let's have a talk on your dreams to turn them into reality!